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Welcome to Goldendict – the world’s best dictionary management application.「欢迎使用Goldendict – 世界上最好的辞书管理应用」

Okay, I know that has a marketing/advertisement feel to it. But it is actually true. Use it for a month or so and comeback and read it again and if you are still not convinced you can edit this page.「好吧,我知道这会给人以营销或广告的感觉,但这是事实 — 请您伴她一个月左右,然后回头再读一遍本文,如果仍不能让您信服,您可以修改本文所述之文字」 mac

Goldendict has so many awesome features (Did I say it is the world’s best dictionary management application?). This is a quick introduction that explains the basics of the Goldendict application so that you can easily start using the application.

Goldendict 有很多令人赞叹的功能(我说过她是世界上最好的字典管理应用嘛),本文是一份快速指南 — 作为 Goldendict 应用的基本介绍,以便于您能轻松地开始使用该应用。

What is Goldendict?「我是…」

Goldendict is a dictionary application, where you can add dictionaries and search for definitions. 「Goldendict 是一款查询应用,通过她您可以添加管理辞书并通过关键字准确或模糊的查询已添加辞书中的内容」

A better definition would be a dictionary content management application, but don’t worry about the definitions.「更好的定义应是辞书内容管理应用,但也别担心她的查词典功能啦」

Many dictionaries in a single application「在单一应用中使用多部辞书」

One of the best features of Goldendict is that it can show definitions from more than one dictionary at a time. 「可以同时显示一部或多部辞书的定义或文章内容,是 Goldendict 的最大特色之一」

If you used dictionary applications like Stardict, Lingoes, Babylon, AbbyLingvo etc., you already know how it works. What you might not know is that Goldendict supports dictionary files from all those applications and many more formats.「如您使用过Stardict、Lingoes、Babylon、AbbyLingvo等程序,那么您已经了解了她的工作方式。但您可能不知道的是,Goldendict 支持包括所有的这些程序的字典文件和更多的辞书格式」

You can find the supported dictionary formats here.「在这里您可以找到她支持的所有辞书格式」

Note: lingoes format dictionaries are only supported in the paid-mobile version.


No dictionaries are installed with the Goldendict「Goldendict并不提供辞书文件」

As I said above, Goldendict supports many formats, but no actual dictionaries come with the application. 「正如我上面说的,Goldendict支持许多格式,但她并不提供分发辞书的功能」

When you first install the dictionary, you have to install actual dictionaries before you can start using the application.「在您第一次安装GoldenDict后,您必须先添加真正的辞书文件才能开始使用她」
You have to get the actual dictionary files from somewhere else. But don’t worry, there are many free dictionaries which you can download and use with Goldendict.「你必须从其它地方获取真实的辞书文件,但也无需担心,在网络上有大量免费的辞书文件可供您你下载使用」

How to install the dictionary files in Goldendict?「如何为 Goldendict 添置辞书文件」

You can find the adding, deleting, grouping (and many other management information) of dictionaries here.