GoldenDict++ Audio Players©🚩🌱

Audio Players used in GoldenDict++ are provided as plug-ins and available as follows:

NameFile NamePlatformRatingsRemarks
ffmpeggdp.adp.ffmpeg.*All*****With the power of ffmpeg, almost all audio formats are supported. Preferred and recommended
qtmultiplayergdp.adp.qtmultiplayer.*Qt5***Supported audio formats are limited by Qt’s Multimedia library and the audio decoders in the operating system
phonongdp.adp.phonon.*Qt4***Supported audio formats are limited by Qt’s Phonon library and the audio decoders in the operating system
fmodexgdp.adp.fmodex.*Windows**An early implementation of the game’s audio engine — Fmod Ex, which is no longer officially maintained or updated
bassgdp.adp.bass.*All*****Free audio processing library for non-commercial users. Suppor for audio formats is implemented in form of plug-ins, with small memory footprint, recommended for Windows

Note: The qtmultiplayer and phonon engines have limited audio formats support (especially under Windows) and require additional audio codecs to be installed on the system before they can be used. Qtmultiplayer cannot be used in macOS due to system limitations.

After a new deployment or upgrade to the latest version of GoldenDict++, if audio in articles does not play (it will indicate that the audio engine is not available or something about that), please go to the Preferences‘ Audio page and re-select a/the playback engine:

You can develop your own audio playback engine by referring to the GoldenDict++ plugin interface definition article.